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Something Different This Way Comes! #WROTM Video Book Tours

          With all the RaNtInG and RaViNg that this particular page has witnessed, I am pleased to announce that I will be taking a wee little break from "the CrAzY" and taking part in Hosting a Video Book Tour. 

#WROTM Video Book Tours

          This is the newest venture of Non-Traditional Dark Primal Paranormal Fantasy Author +Eri Nelson the Creator of Supporting Authors One Read At A Time, a group on Facebook where Indy Authors gather to support each other through communication, Read 2 Review and more.

          In 2011 she ran wicked with Wonderful Reads Of The Month Magazine, which highlighted Authors who wanted to connect to readers, other authors and build their platform through sharing and cross promotional collaborations. These Video Book Tours set to run once a month, with one to two Authors Highlighted each month are hoped to be something new that we hope you will look forward to, so subscribe now and never miss a beat! And be Sure to TURN up Your Sound!! 

              The First Writer to sit down with me is Christian Author +Tina Klinesmith who was awesome enough to do a short bit of questions with me! 
            What inspired you to write these tales?
Tina: After reading another sweet Christian Romance with almost perfect characters, I realized that I wanted to know what happened to "real" Christians living messy lives. How could broken people find love and forgiveness? The story of Michele and David was born from the pain and mistakes that everyone faces but shows that there is hope for even the worst sinner and that there is forgiveness for everyone.
       So you wrote this tale, because you wanted to fill in the gaps left by unrealistic characters, written by others.
Tina: Pretty much to show that you could have real, flawed characters and still have a Christian romance that offered hope...that we don't all have to be perfect Christians... not that all other characters are unrealistic but they might have 1 flaw and it's usually character is MESSED UP big time
        Can you tell me what a few of the struggles she has to muddle through are without telling us how they are resolved?
Tina: Sure... In the first book (Journey to Almighty), she's a drug addict/drunk who finds herself pregnant by her drug dealer boyfriend. He tries to kill her when she stands up to him and insists that she wants to keep the baby. (And those are the first few paragraphs!) She has to learn that even with all the things she has done wrong in life (she also served time for manslaughter when she killed a child while driving drunk after stealing her father's car years prior) someone can see value in her and that they can love her, in spite of her flaws.
David has his own troubles as he seeks to make up for not being able to help his sister when he was a child and she overdosed.
       In book 2 (Journey to Grace), Michele and David face new troubles when her child is born and has disabilities due to her past drinking and abuse. She finds herself plagued by the past and repeating the same mistakes. She comes to learn that each of us has value, regardless of the past.
David struggles with wanting to "fix" her and realizes that there are some things he can't fix.
                Do we get the happily ever after or are you working on a third book? If so when can we expect to see it released?
Tina: There will be a 3rd book (due late Dec 2013 or early Jan) - Journey to Faith. Each book gives them a "happily ever after" with a ...for now. Sort of like life, there is always a new phase of life to face together. But this 3rd book will be the final, although I might do a prequel intro eventually and post that on my blog.
                  Awesome, I'm sure your readers will be looking forward to that. Thank you for answering these few questions for me, I love to have some interactive chattering for my readers! 
                And To my Readers Do go and enter The GOODREADS GIVEAWAY! For your Chance to Win a copy of Tina’s Enchanting Tales!! HAPPY WRITING!
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