Thursday, November 19, 2015

#RTauthor #IndyThursday Character Profile Donnella Stone from Heart of Stone #NewRelease @shannonihayes

Heart of Stone

 An S.I.Hayes Novel


Well isn't she just a wanton sex kitten?

Donnella Stone, what can I say bout this firecracker of a woman? She's 33, a whopping 5'2 just over a hundred and fifteen pounds and filthy rich. Heavy on the filthy part. Born to privilege, but raised to understand people and read them for their desires, she spent her formative years in private schools and The Stone Tower. A spiraling complex of brick and concrete her father built in Manhattan to give them a panoramic view of the city and all it's beauty.

She was always a smart girl, some would even go as far as to call her brilliant, but she had a way of building herself a reputation.  Her looks and overt awareness of her sexuality causing her trouble as she matured, labeling her as a bit of a tease for although she would "play" she would not go all the way. It got her labeled. It got her teased. But her mother was always there to wipe away the tears, until she wasn't.

Heartbroken her father left, giving the Stone Company to his only child. Alone Donnell'a heart hardened, and she came to the singular conclusion that sex and love didn't have to go hand and hand. That she could enjoy herself and the men that sprawled across her bed so long as she did it her way. On her terms... It's worked for a decade, but now she has met Matthew G. Mayfield and her world has been turned upside down. 

Heart of Stone is now available for pre order,  And will be available for sale on November 27th! 
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