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HAPPY! HAPPY! JOY! JOY! #TeamTrope #booktrope When the pieces start to fit. @shannonihayes #AmWriting

Like a jigsaw


Danny Johnston is a young bounty hunter, who for three years to hone her craft has lived and loved as a man. In pursuit of a lead to her family’s killers, Danny is thrown from her horse and attacked by something she cannot identify.

Jake Dorsey is a man traveling on his own while trying to leave his demons behind. When he finds Danny’s horse and returns it, he is awestruck, aware of the bounty hunter’s reputation.

They decide to travel together, if only to ease the burdens of traveling alone. Secrets and complicated situations compound as Jake believes Danny to be a man, while Danny believes Jake to be a Human. 

When the truth is finally discovered, will starting an affair prove simple or will Danny be left to make the hard choice? Can she forgo vengeance for love or will the desire to keep her blood oaths prove stronger?

Do you like the Graphic? I worked my ass of to make Danny, and set it all up. California Moon is my Newest soon to be released Novel and the topic of today little diddy among  other things. Come on down and see where my brain is soaring to now!

      So if you read my often sporadic blog posts you'd know that back in November my work California Moon was picked up by a publisher. Booktrope has become the home to my latest adventure in writing. It was a slow process gathering my team together, especially when patience is not my strongest virtue. Not that  I'm claiming to be virtuous at all, Have you read my work??? *Snake-ish smile*

     Since finding my proofreader a few days ago it's like everything else has fallen into place. The cover is A-MAZ-ING!! A collaboration between myself and the the talented Ashley Byland has made for something beautiful and different in a sea of Stock Image Covers, this one is anything but. I'll be doing a cover reveal soon, so keep your eyes open for that. 

I've finally got a logo, 

Dragons are sort of my thing, I've had an attachment to them since I was a wee lass, and have never lost my interest them. So making them my calling card sort of makes sense to me. My Book Manager helped find the Image and I tweaked the shit out of it from there.

I am building a Street team, (The Draconic Compendium). Building on my love of dragons, all of my members will be my little Dragons, burning up the social media, getting first dibs on contests and giveaways Event invites. As a Team member you also get ARCS!! How awesome is that! The link will take you to the Facebook group so you can ask to join!! I hope to see you!! 

My Edits for California moon are coming along, we are nearing the end of that, which is awesome. I'm all a flutter! The pieces are coming together and I'm pretty thrilled.  Chasing Shadows  is at over 33k and rising. I still haven't' nailed down the genre, it was supposed to be horror but has since evolved.

Don't get me wrong it's got some frightening things in it, but it's got a whole other bend coming in... See my synopsis so far./

Ever have a cold chill trail up the spine, or get the flicker of something just in your peripheral, or get the feeling you were not quite alone in the darkness? Welcome to a world where the monsters are real, but not everyone knows where they hide. Toxic Shadows, that's what the government has been calling the world wide phenomenon, and the Paranormal Agency of Research and Kinetic Studies or P.A.R.K.S. sector has been collecting, cataloging and disposing of these creatures for years, under the guise of public safety. Having released a Level 5 Shadow in to the world P.A.R.K.S Agent Amelia Spencer is on the run. The details of her exploits to get what she wants have put her in the line of sight of her government and they want answers. Little do they or Amelia know but mankind is on a collision course toward a fate they could never predict. Natan is a product of the Void, the place the Shadows dwell, and Amelia is part of a prophecy which tells of the coming of a woman to turn the balance of the war that has waged in Natan's world for eons. He will do whatever it takes to keep her safe even if it means burning the world around her to ashes. Across the world Novon, another like Natan makes plans, working in opposition to the same eventual goals. It is a race to the finish as Shadows begin to manifest all over the country, concentrating and barreling down on Amelia and her team trying desperately to end her life before she can fulfill her destiny.

Like I said evolved... I've got part of that figured out the rest is coming along!! LOL. Teaser much??

Been working on covers for another author, personally I love the work. It keeps me busy. I think that about covers it for now!! 

I'm doing something awesome for CHRISTMAS!! FOR ALL OF YOU!!

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I may be a wee bit OCD... :)

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