Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A break in the Silence #AmWriting #BiPolar #NoSleep #CrazyTrain @shannonihayes

Wisdom, Happiness Harmony

       These are the words that have sat before me for the past month or so. Little Dollar store framed caricatures  and a photo of a lost beloved pet. That there is my Grifialchial (Griffin or Mow, Mow for short). He died back in 2004 but I still miss him quite a lot. He was a beautiful and affectionate boy. Followed me around all through the house. 

I'm sitting here at 3 am with a shit tone of things running through my head, chowing down on a brownie washing it down with a bottle of water. Not sure exactly where I'm going with this post. Maybe it's the coffee keeping me up. Maybe it's the Mania, I'm not entirely sure, either way I'm writing something. Listening to my Pandora station, the songs are all poignant tonight. Songs like Cold (but I'm still here) from Evans Blue and Beautiful, from 10 Years, are hitting nerves...