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Dalene's Book Reviews: In Dreams... The Solitary Road by S.I. Hayes

Dalene's Book Reviews: In Dreams... The Solitary Road by S.I. Hayes: Interview 7)      Do you proofread/edit your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

I have recently worked with BETA readers, that's about as far as I go as to letting anyone else get their hands on my work before it's released. I do my own edits, and am a stickler for the Oxford Comma. I tend to run on an on, but that's my style... Like it or not, I'm not changing what works for me..

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In Dreams... The Solitary Road Blog Tour From S.I. Hayes

+Bewitching Book Tours


So I went and did it, I Jumped on the book tours wagon, and now I've wrangled myself into somethings.  Get ready for some Interviews and deeper depths into the tale from my Guest Posts... I've shared my schedule so you won't miss a beat. It all starts on Monday October 14th!! Do drop in and say Hello!! And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!! 

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An Excerpt of In Dreams... The Solitary Road A New Release from S.I.Hayes Fall Of 2013

An Excerpt of In Dreams... The Solitary Road

A New Release from S.I.Hayes

 Fall Of 2013

Read the first 14 chapters free by following this link  -->

             A daughter was born to Rosaline Decon, on the night of the fullest and largest moon the Isle had witnessed in more than twenty years. The labor was hard, and long, but that did not bother Rosaline, what kept her screaming was the commotion. Outside, the sky was blackened by the feathers of ravens as they swooped amongst the Hymenopteria, blue blood rained down soaking dirt roads. The birds numbers were uncountable, and no one could stop them. The huntsmen and the guards tried in vain, but for every raven they took down with their bows, three more would fill in its place.
              Then, as Rosaline pushed for the final time, and the child let out her first wail, it stopped, the birds settled into the trees and on the eaves of the Stone shingled building.
              “Give me my daughter.” She demanded, but one look at the child and Rosaline pushed her away, for on her delicate little head was a patch of raven’s blue-black hair. She mumbled that it was an omen, that the child would never be a Decon.
                Although her body was weakened by the birth, she pulled herself out of bed and withdrew from the room, leaving the child in the arms of her midwife, Beatrice. With a hardened face, the woman shoved the baby into the open arms of its father Jeremiah, so she might chase the High Priestess.
                 The baby wailed, but as Jeremiah rocked, she quieted. “There, there, your muma’s just upset. Its okay, Amara, I’m your Dad, and I’ll always keep you safe”
                “Make that we, and if she’ll not be a Decon, give her your name, make her a Dagon.” The voice of an older gentleman broke into the room. When Jeremiah looked up, he saw his father-in-law, Nathan, with a smile across his face, with him was Amaranth, Rosaline’s mother, Amara’s namesake.
                  “Yes, you strange bird, we will be here for her, no matter what.” Amaranth promised.

                Amara was outwardly a very happy child, bright and eager in her studies, but her nights were filled with terrible dreams of fires, and a shadowy demon, that caused fits of screaming, which Rosaline left either her parents or Jeremiah to deal with. In fact, unless it was to scold her Rosaline rarely ever occupied the same room as Amara, who wanted nothing more than her love and approval. Keeping with their promise to protect Amara, as Rosaline’s patience with her was thin as skin upon milk, Nathan took to teaching Amara a rhyme to help keep the dreams at bay.

             “Dreams of sorrow, dreams of pain, shall not linger in the light of day. Should darkness unfold in memories untold, nothing shall haunt a child bold.”

That's it for now, readers of the Wee hours, remember if you enjoyed this we authors WELCOME Comments!! And do take a gander at the Blog home of #IDthesolitaryroad

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#Help4mooch Loving canine may face Amputation from Hit and Run

Please Share Time is of the essence We have raised 400 of the 2500 needed. 

On April 24th 2013 my Pit-Bull mix Mooch, who has a penchant for running, managed to get out the front door past my ailing father and his CNA; she bounded down the ramp and took a gallop down the road. I cannot run so my father got into his motorized scooter and went after her as I collected the car with my mother to head her off. Mooch usually will hop in the car or go to my father once she has run a bit.
This is not an all the time occurrence, typically she is leashed or allowed run of our yard with an overhead lead that lets her bounce around with the cats or us when we are with her. But every so often maybe 2x a year she will get by someone... Unfortunately, this time we were not able to catch her before she hit the busier street at the end of our own.
Just before my father could grab her she was struck by a mini-van, the driver who almost hit my father as well did not stop, leaving Mooch laying in the middle of the road. After help from the local police and a paramedic, she managed to hobble to the corner where we (The Police Officer and I) were able to get her into our car.
I called the Animal Clinic of Milford whom we had been with for more than 11 years, before the original Vet Dr. Tocini passed away and another took over his practice. When we called they refused to see Mooch unless we could pay immediately, stating that they could show me a list of others with unpaid IOU’s. I don’t think I need to tell you what my response to that was; needless to say, they will no longer provide us services.  
After a large amount of panic and several more phone calls with Mooch in the car, the VCA Shoreline Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center agreed to see our girl and allow us to pay them on May 1st and asked that we apply for Credit care, for which we were denied. The vets at Shoreline did what they could to examine Mooch, but due to our financial constraints and my explaining that I could not pay them more than 350.00 USD on the 1st, her care was minimal.
After giving us her diagnosis, (Left elbow luxation) possible treatments, (sedation, manual manipulation and splinting with rehab, or the unthinkable Euthenization of an otherwise healthy animal) and prognosis (which they believe would be good if treated in a timely manner) they suggested that I attempt to find financial aide and a private vet who could work out a payment plan with us, as there was nothing they could to more financially than they already had, (they cut our bill in half, from almost 700.00 USD to 336.00 USD out of sympathy for our situation, for which we will forever be grateful). They prescribed Tramodol and sent her home with us.
My father having helplessly witnessed her accident is a mess; Mooch is his pride and joy, his lifeline, having been with him through his Chemo, Radiation treatments, surgeries, and deepest depressions. To not bring her home would have broken his heart, and amputation which is apparently less cost effective than the repair at least for the ER vets, is something he is strongly against, he him self having faced that possibility as a younger man due to an accident, he was lucky enough to find a surgeon who fused his knee instead. Something most people (Doctors especially) have never even seen. We want Mooch to get better; we need for her to get the treatment she deserves. I hope that you or another group can help us. The irony of this whole situation is I had planned on purchasing insurance for her and our cats in May, as our finances could finally afford it. We are trying to find the woman who hit her, but have little to go on as no one who witnessed the accident was able to get the license plate because the woman was going 50 in a 25 zone. What we do know is she was driving a hunter green astro van on Franklin Street in Ansonia CT at about 215 pm on Wednesday afternoon. She is fourty-ish thin and has dark hair. We believe she may have damage to her left front panel from the impact. If anyone has information on this we would greatly appreciate it as this was an accident, and her insurance would have covered Moochies care... If she had stopped. If she can be identified or comes forward I am willing to forgive her fleeing the scene if it means our girl will get her treatment. Without this your support, via donation, shares and tweets, we are at a stand still until we can find help, Mooch is resting and taking her pain medication which will only last for 5 days without a refill. This is now day three.

I have also created a Facebook page where you can come show your support, share, and stay updated. 

If you can and have twitter please use the Hashtag #Help4mooch

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#WROTM Video Book Tour and Interview With Jean Brown Author of The Faulkner's Curse Series

#WROTM Video Book Tours

          This is the newest venture of Non-Traditional Dark Primal Paranormal Fantasy Author +Eri Nelson the Creator of Supporting Authors One Read At A Time, a group on Facebook where Indy Authors gather to support each other through communication, Read 2 Review and more.

          In 2011 she ran wicked with Wonderful Reads Of The Month Magazine, which highlighted Authors who wanted to connect to readers, other authors and build their platform through sharing and cross promotional collaborations. These Video Book Tours set to run once a month, with one to two Authors Highlighted each month are hoped to be something new that we hope you will look forward to, so subscribe now and never miss a beat! And be Sure to TURN up Your Sound!! As I am Joined by The Second Author in this Tour, Jean Brown:

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Something Different This Way Comes! #WROTM Video Book Tours

          With all the RaNtInG and RaViNg that this particular page has witnessed, I am pleased to announce that I will be taking a wee little break from "the CrAzY" and taking part in Hosting a Video Book Tour. 

#WROTM Video Book Tours

          This is the newest venture of Non-Traditional Dark Primal Paranormal Fantasy Author +Eri Nelson the Creator of Supporting Authors One Read At A Time, a group on Facebook where Indy Authors gather to support each other through communication, Read 2 Review and more.

          In 2011 she ran wicked with Wonderful Reads Of The Month Magazine, which highlighted Authors who wanted to connect to readers, other authors and build their platform through sharing and cross promotional collaborations. These Video Book Tours set to run once a month, with one to two Authors Highlighted each month are hoped to be something new that we hope you will look forward to, so subscribe now and never miss a beat! And be Sure to TURN up Your Sound!! 

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Relatively Screwed

Today was it. I hit my limit and almost wound up in shackles for it. It's been coming, and as hard as I tried to ignore it, and deny it, my Bi-Polar has been affecting me and those around me in the not so awesome ways for quite a while. I've said it before and I'm sure to say it again and again, I am not the best when it comes to empathy, or feeling for others, why? I don't know, I often say it's simply that I don't fucking care. But I'm starting to think that it may be just the opposite... I apologize in advance if this whole thing seems odd, but I think I'm in the process of transitioning between Manic and Depressive. So bare with me... Or don't the choice is yours...

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Killer Thriller's book Launch and Giveaway!

What can I say except if you're on the look out for thrills, take a look at these Awesome Authors and their latest Creations! Don't Miss your chance!


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"Submerged reads like an approaching storm, full of darkness, dread and electricity.
 Prepare for your skin to crawl.” -Andrew Gross, NY Times Bestselling Author

"Giacomo Giammatteo may be the Mario Puzo of our time." -eNovel Reviews

“Rivaling both Stephen King and Thomas Harris, without a doubt, the edgy, and 
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“...she really stepped up her craft skills if that were even possible. 
[Roland] is really, really just a terrific talented writer.” 
-Joni Rodgers, NY Times bestselling Author


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An Awesome writer and Helpful Artist!

I wanted to take some time and extend my many thanks to Author Eri Nelson who out of the goodness of her graces has spent some time with her computer to create for me a badge. Which I have now added to the site to share with each and every one of you. If you want it, come and get it! It's really rather cool, and I know I'm proud to have it! Thanks +Eri Nelson I love it lots! You just copy and paste this in to your pages and poof, instant share. I'd appreciate your support, and of course it doesn't hurt that it's uber pretty!! Check Eri out at her website on and Grab her badge  while your at it! Show some support for your favorite Indy Authors!!

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Above is the code, in case y'all want it. :)
Happy Writing!!

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Farewell To A Great Read!

This is not mine, this is from Author Eri Nelson 

A group for Independent Authors
It's continuing mission, to help connect Authors and Readers to each other. The page is a platform to Collectively Proactively Promote  one another, through Re-tweets, Re-blogs, Google +'s and although the magazine has now closed it's pages, do not despair! Eri and the others in the Network have something fun and new in the wings! Video Book Tours! Come on over to Wonderful Reads Of the Month  and see what's in store and perhaps when it all goes live you'd like to sign up for your very own tour. It only takes a small commitment, a few tweets, and a blog post or two each month. Help Support your favorite Authors!

Happy Writing!!

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In Dreams... The Solitary Road: Chapter Five

In Dreams... The Solitary Road: Chapter Five: In Dreams The Solitary Road A Serial Novella By S.I. Hayes Copyright 2013 Shannon I Hayes CHAPTER FIVE           There it was ...

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Admins are people too!

As I ponder this awesome accomplishment of humankind, to expand the World of Digital Experience, I am also reminded that this information age is a double edged sword. While on one hand it has the capability to link like minded individuals together to accomplish great things, on the other hand it can become the very thing which can pull us apart. 

The misplacing of a word, the wrong phrase, and what was supposed to be a complement can be easily misread and seen as a dig. The next thing you know the context of a message has been twisted and someone is left feeling jaded, stepped on and abused, which leaves me thinking that; 

They really need to invent a sarcastica font

Ode to Salinger

      Wow! It's been 9 whole days since this blog went live here on blogger , and already it and it's partners, The 131 Preview Review and  In Dreams... The Solitary Road, have seen a combined total of 417 hits, as of 6:39 AM EST. I thought I would take the opportunity as I smoke to send a HUGE THANK YOU! Out to those who have stopped in. So Here goes...


     Now that I've said it I've probably jinxed it, and my numbers won't move for a month. LOL, Let's hope I'm ever so wrong.

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Intriguing with full on heart heavy banter, we podcast with S.I. Hayes

Reproduced With Permission by Author Eri Nelson
Transcribed By Me: S.I. Hayes

Eri: Hi I’m speaking with S.I. Hayes, Shannon, who is the author of In Dreams The Road Unavoidable and Awakenings The Wrath Saga. I like to think we are both outspoken, creatively as authors, so I must say that it is a great pleasure to have you as my first podcast guest. One thing that intrigued me about you, about your work, was how do you approach it? Can you tell the listeners a little bit about that?
S.I. Hayes: Well first of all thank you for you know, for having me, this is… strange and cool at the same time.
Eri: Laughing
S.I Hayes: Wow started off with a laugh. That works for me.
Eri: Yeah.
S.I. Hayes: Well firstly, um, I have to say that when it came to In Dreams, well it’s a fantasy novel, and I tend to be in my own little world anyhow, so it’s not, it’s not much of a stretch for me to just sort of make things up as I went along. Which is pretty much what I do, because I don’t believe in outlines because they confuse me.
Eri and S.I. Hayes: laughing.
S.I. Hayes: With Awakenings, it was actually a lot easier, because I have a Co-author,
Eri: Right.

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An Exercise We Should All Consider......As People and as Authors

               A little back ground. This was an exercise my psychologist suggested. At first I scoffed at it, as I often do at anything that seems an exercise in futility.  But having gone back and looked at it over time, while my observations of myself have not changed, I have found that this organization of thought has helped me to develop as a person and a writer. Understanding ones self is the key to everything and I believe this was a great step.
               The Exercise was to picture your emotions as living breathing entities.  All traveling on a bus, they are the passengers, and you potentially the driver. To take them and describe them as you see them. It has been enlightening. You should try it!

"The Gate Keepers"

           So I was going through my e-mail and one of my newsletters had this link to an article from The Guardian an e-zine, written by YA/Children's Book Author James Dawson.
           It questions the use of profanity in Young Adult literature, and explains the How and Why it is not used. The meat of it gives me this Blog title and is a follows:
         "...but it was at this stage "the gatekeepers" were first mentioned. Booksellers, book groups, librarians and bookshop buyers form this steely line of defense  They are arguably the most powerful link in the publishing chain. These are the people who decide whether or not to sell your product. Without them, a book, especially a book by a debut author, is relegated to the internet and warehouse shelves thus limiting the potential contacts a reader can make with the book in the real world."

When the story take on a mind of its own. Also known as Ahhh! too much in the head and not enough time!!

             Ever sit down to work on a piece of your fiction with a definitive Beginning...Middle...and End in place? It is a rarity, I know, but it does sometimes happen. So I have the whole of the work all nice and neat in my head and have been banging out the pages on and off for the past couple months, admittedly more off than on, but it is there. More or less, in this case more, rather than less.

               I started this venture telling myself that it was going to be a short story. Just a little companion Prequel to my Debut Novel, In Dreams The Road  Unavoidable.                                          

It's Been A Long Journey..... But Here I Am.

             All created by me, for all of you! Hours of blood, sweat and tears went into all that is my work. And just when I thought I was done, Woosh! It had to be redone. Oh Holy Hell.

          Format this way for smashwords, that way for Kindle, and another way all together for Createspace. I think my head is gonna explode. Add to that the fact that my computer hates me the last few days. It likes to freeze up at the most inopertune of times. Leaving me hanging like a slip on the clothesline just as the rain starts, while your at work! All this insert break here and update TOC there, for a minute I was wondering if it was worth all the trouble.

​                      But then I saw it, MY Book. Front, spine, back cover....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bi-Polar Writer Coping

         I'm not a person who minces words, it's not my particular style. I have an innate need to correct people when they misuse words, or pronounce them wrong. Always have, probably always will. It's a facet of my personality, like never sleeping at night, but being able to crash so long as the sun is up. Or going on day long top to bottom cleaning sprees. Before psychiatrists and other health professionals got involved this was my normal....