Sunday, February 10, 2013

Intriguing with full on heart heavy banter, we podcast with S.I. Hayes

Reproduced With Permission by Author Eri Nelson
Transcribed By Me: S.I. Hayes

Eri: Hi I’m speaking with S.I. Hayes, Shannon, who is the author of In Dreams The Road Unavoidable and Awakenings The Wrath Saga. I like to think we are both outspoken, creatively as authors, so I must say that it is a great pleasure to have you as my first podcast guest. One thing that intrigued me about you, about your work, was how do you approach it? Can you tell the listeners a little bit about that?
S.I. Hayes: Well first of all thank you for you know, for having me, this is… strange and cool at the same time.
Eri: Laughing
S.I Hayes: Wow started off with a laugh. That works for me.
Eri: Yeah.
S.I. Hayes: Well firstly, um, I have to say that when it came to In Dreams, well it’s a fantasy novel, and I tend to be in my own little world anyhow, so it’s not, it’s not much of a stretch for me to just sort of make things up as I went along. Which is pretty much what I do, because I don’t believe in outlines because they confuse me.
Eri and S.I. Hayes: laughing.
S.I. Hayes: With Awakenings, it was actually a lot easier, because I have a Co-author,
Eri: Right.

S.I. Hayes: Will Van Stone Jr., he, and I have been friends forever, and… the writing process for that we pretty much sort of stare at each other and then start having conversations. And as the conversations, where actually it’s like playing a game. We’re like a character, you know. He has a group of characters that specifically… come from him, Lyara Valycian, Caleb, Uh, Nicholas and Miguel are sort of a 50/50 split between us, um you know, Cynthia is really all me, Christopher’s all me, and we really just sort of split the difference. He’ll write the scenes involving the characters that are all him, I’ll write the scenes that are all me. And then we just sort of smash them together, put them through a meat grinder and it… happens.
Eri: Right, That’s pretty unique.
S.I. Hayes: Yeah, I mean other than that, the process, as it comes we write it, I mean we don’t edit much, when we go into the editing process… We add more.
Eri: S.I. Hayes: Both laughing.
S.I. Hayes: Nothing is ever completely removed, if we take it out, it shows up somewhere later.
Eri: Right, right.
S.I. Hayes: Nothing is ever wasted.
Eri: Right, What can you tell us about, your singular, when you write by your self, Like In Dreams The Road Unavoidable?
S.I. Hayes: Well with In Dreams, it actually, literally it started off as a game. I had a friend, a couple of friends that I used to play D&D with, uh Dungeons and Dragons for those who aren't um acronym savvy. It, it started out as a D&D game which is a role-playing game, I mean there’s a little board, and you role dice and you play out, you act out your characters…And… the people that I played with you know not only were they into the D&D scenes but also really like hardcore into the Final Fantasy video games. So the elements like that are in it. There are like real conversations with characters and different things and it started off as that kind of a campaign, and then when the campaign ended I took my characters and I was like I really like the characters and I don’t want them to die, so I wrote a book.
Both: Laughing
S. I. Hayes: So it was that simple, it was to immortalize characters that I really liked. And you know I took those like fanciful elements from like Final Fantasy and like Dungeons and Dragons where like you have these alternate worlds and you know different things and I compounded on them and I expanded on them. I mean, you don’t realize it yet, and it’s a bit of a spoiler, but at the same time it’s really not, but In Dreams its self actually takes place on earth.
Eri: Right.
S.I. Hayes: But it’s 250 million years from now. (laughs) So things are very different, you know.
Eri: Well personally as being a reader of your work, I can, I think I can um, speak from a readers aspect that, you are very in depth with bringing a world to life within someone’s mind that’s going through your world, so I say kudos and bravo to you for that.
S.I. Hayes: Thank you very much. I mean I feel like you really can’t see it yet, because it’s my first book, it’s my introductory novel. But the worlds will actually continue to grow and what not. I mean I went so far, I did research on Plate tectonic Theory to see just where our continents will be 250 million years from now. Because based on the science of it, our world right now the continents are very separate, but 250 million years from now, you could walk from here to Tabletop in Africa in a couple of weeks.
Eri: Right, yeah.
S.I. Hayes: I mean granted that part of the world will have actually gone under water, but you get the gist of what I mean.
Eri: Right.
S.I Hayes: I mean things are going to be more accessible more like they were in the Paleolithic times, which just seems really cool to me.
Eri: Okay
S.I. Hayes: So I went with it.
Eri: Right… Exactly. One of the things I’d like to is discuss, when you finish a piece, whatever you’re working on at the time, how do you go about promoting it personally for your own work?
S.I. Hayes: Well it’s that. I’m still learning, I mean as far as that is concerned. I published In Dreams a year and… Let me see… Seven days ago.
Eri: You aren’t counting, yeah okay.
Both laugh:
S.I. Hayes: Well, well it’s actually that the publication of In Dreams was sort of a paramount for me. I published it 12 hours before my 30th birthday.
Eri: Yeah, right.
S.I. Hayes: That was my goal; my biggest goal in life was to publish before I was thirty. And I kinda did it down to the wire.
Both laughing
Eri: (Still laughing) Minutes exception, yeah I get that.
S.I. Hayes: You know. Yeah, I mean yeah I was cutting it close, but I did it yeah, but also actually was my brother’s 41st birthday… 42nd, sorry wrong brother. 42nd birthday, It was a big deal on a lot of accounts. But right now I’m working through social media. You know Facebook, Goodreads, I attempted Shelfari, but I can’t figure it out, so I just sort of have the account that floats there. (laughs)Twitter, you know I've got a half way decent following, nobody’s really interactive. But you know I do what I can, I have my own website, and I’d rattle that off but…It’s really kind of long, hopefully we can add a like or something like that.
Eri: Yeah, we’ll make sure we put that down below in the bio, and I would make sure all that’s available for the listeners.
Well you know I mean that would be great, I’m through Amazon and through Smashwords, and I’m actually like in an affiliate program, so hopefully people can link back to me and you know they’ll make money that way an I link back to them and you know vise verse a. And I mean Eri, you, you've just been phenomenal as far as help with that. I couldn't thank you enough for the magazine cover for January. For your January Issue, I mean that helped me enormously.
Eri: (Laughing) Well that’s awesome to hear, hey, not that I don’t like to hear how good I am, but hey this is your time. I wanna hear exactly, what has been the best outlet for you? I mean to be honest I am in awe of your work, so and that’s another reason why I wanted to seek you out as being my first Podcast, because you are very in depth, and when it comes to your writing, characters and reviews. And I know you are reaching right now, to help other authors in that area. Can you tell us a little bit about that?
S.I. Hayes: What do you mean what it is I am trying to do to help other authors?
Eri: Yes, exactly, your um… I forget what you exactly call it your ten… Is it,-
S.I. Hayes: No, I got you. I know what you’re saying.
Both laugh
S.I. Hayes: On January 31st, of 2013 which is the date 1-31- you know 13.
Eri: Uh huh-Yeah. See I knew there was numbers in there.
S.I. Hayes: I launched the 131 Preview Review.
Eri: Right there you go!
S.I. Hayes: What that is, is that’s my trying to reach out to authors to… Give me their work, let me.. I wanna read.. I wanna read other stuff that’s out there, as long as it’s fiction. I don’t do non-fiction because it’s usually self help and not to talk bad on anybody who writes self- help but… I can help myself just fine, thank you.
Both laugh
S.I. Hayes: I have no desire to read non-fiction, the only non-fiction out there that I want to read is like biographies of people who are already dead...

because they’re more interesting, and you know they were cool and people now, not so much.
Eri: We all have different genres we feel comfortable in so I think our listeners will understand that completely.
S.I. Hayes: Exactly! I like Fantasy, I like Horror, I don’t do YA, so much Because I’m Thirty, and a 14 year old hot guy, doesn't do it for me.
Eri: At Forty, myself, I kinda understand that.
S.I. Hayes: I feel a little bit like a Pedophile and I prefer not to… feel that way.
Eri: I fully understand that, So how can Authors who are interested in that contact you?
S.I. Hayes: Well on my web site, I have a button, because I’m…Fond of them. Called The 131 Preview Review. And there’s a contact form, you contact me via the form. We just chat a little bit through email and what not and I will read the first 131 pages of any fiction manuscript.
Eri: Oh, that’s awesome!
S.I. Hayes: Be it a work in progress or a finished novel, and I will do a review based on those first 131 pages. My reviews tend to lean towards characters that I like the development of story-lines  If I feel that, your work can be… pigeon-holed is not the word because that annoys me, but if it can be critically analyzed and be considered thematic in any way, you know is this a Gothic novel, a Romance Novel, or does it have to do with man’s internal struggle. I tend to over think things, so I will over think your work to try to… Explain it… How I read it. I mean I’m not looking at it like, Oh, my God! You put a comma where it doesn't belong! I’m not doing that. It’s not about your writing style, your turn of phrase, it’s going to be about your story, about your characters.
Eri: I think that’s the wonderful thing about yours and why I’m always intrigued when you review my work, is that you aren't insultive in any way, that you are looking at it as the story, not so much as grammatical, your looking at it as, as the read lays out and I find that refreshing in a lot of ways trust me I do. As we talk about your promotions, I wanted to speak with you about how you feel we promote as a whole to authors. Do you think promoting to authors is a big venue? Do you think that is a credible source for your pulling in readers for your books?
S.I. Hayes: Oh! You mean bouncing like being on another authors blog or promoting another author myself, is that how you mean?
Eri: Well yeah, that and also trying to sell to authors do you think that is a venue that’s a credible choice to go with?
S.I. Hayes: Well I think that, I’ll be honest I don’t seem to sell to authors; I seem to give away to authors.
Eri: Right
S.I. Hayes: I think that it’s an excellent stepping stone, I mean if you get your self involved with an author who has been out there you know who’s seasoned, even if it’s only by a year, in an information age, a year being in cyberspace, and bouncing off of this web site and through this and that and everything else it’s like a thousand years of footwork in an age before it. You know what I mean?
Eri: Right
S.I. Hayes: I think that social media and being able to actually talk to an author of a book that you read and you like… Is an awesome, an awesome feat. You know D.J. Salinger said that you know, there was a time that he wished that he could just talk to an author after having read there work, that it would be an awesome thing to do, you know unfortunately he died before this age happened, but I think that he would be so impressed, and so giddy to know that this is a time where you really can. I mean even Anne Rice, fabulous author, you know, she’s been around forever, and she’s so seasoned, and so opinionated, you can contact her now, through social media she has a Facebook page and she does answer you if you ask her a direct question. And I think that, that’s awesome, because if they like something, they may mention it, and not because you asked them to, but because they genuinely liked something. And that is just a sense of accomplishment, I don’t know if it makes you any money, but I think that if it has anything to do with your self worth that it can put it through the roof. You know.
Eri: Well, when you talk about sum, when you talk about revenue and making an income from it, that’s something too, that’s perhaps when we all start out we have illusions of that, and I mean there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve our self so that is the eventual goal. I mean personally for me it’s reaching the readers at this point. And so with that in mind how do you think a lot of groups for authors are helping you do that, do you think being involved in a group say like on Facebook or Twitter do you think those are helpful, I mean are they opening doors to you that normally would have been closed?
S.I. Hayes: Well as early in the game as I am, I don’t really know. I mean I haven’t seen a large number jump. Like I’ve seen a lot of sample downloads and different things like that but as far as my purchases are going, I feel like I’m still really kind of young, I feel like I haven’t jumped in completely. And that has a lot to do with time management; I think that if you’re a part of a group or your part of a twitter or log line or anything like that, you’re gonna get out of it what you put in to it. I think that if you break you butt and you spend every waking moment participating, there probably will be leaps and bounds. Personally, you’re lucky if I check in once a week. But that’s because you know, everyone, everybody. Everybody has life you know and things kick in and things kick out, and you know and I’ve never been quiet about the fact that I have Bi-Polar, it’s on my website, I post things about it on my Facebook pages. So I have tendencies where I’ll look at a website, I’ll wanna do something, and my brain just goes no, “No go to bed.” So I do.
Eri: (Soft Chuckle): Right
S.I. Hayes: So it’s a struggle, I mean on the days when I’m up and I’m bouncing around and I’m doing stuff and, I’m talking a mile a minute, yeah, I notice just my Facebook page, and anybody who has a Facebook page can see statistics, how many people are talking about things, and you know different things like that when I’m in that spot my reach will go from 10 or 12 people to 5,000-
Eri: That’s awesome!
S.I. Hayes: (Laughs) And I only have like 325 likes.
Both laugh
S.I. Hayes: I mean yeah I think that being part of those groups is helpful, as long as you work the group and you’re not selfish.
Eri: Yeah.
S.I. Hayes: I mean if the groups do what they claim they’re gonna do then they would be even more helpful. There are sites where you get involved and they’re like yeah, we’ll tweet this for you or we’ll tweet that for you and what they really doing is pushing their own work down your throat. So you’re joining groups and left groups for those reasons, I mean your group that’s a totally different story.
Eri: Supporting Authors One Read At A Time, just for readers, excuse me, just for listeners who are not aware, that group started because of a magazine I wanted to put together to help other authors. It was free, it’s still is free to read we’re coming down to our last issue which will be next month. Right now, our February 2013 issue is out and on our site and I will make sure that those links are listed below. The whole rule for that was to open it so we would all have a venue to be able to display our work and the code work for that, for the embedded code could be distributed through my last count was like 232 members who were that are in the network. But the issue with that and the reason that we’re going back into a different way of promoting our self now, is we’re going toward video book tours because it started to become a little bit bigger than the small group that was participating could handle. And so with that in mind, the whole group and my whole vision for the group even as it’s starting to change for video book tours is basically to help promote each other. And I wanted something that wasn't just us trying to sell within a group, which I find is probably one of the biggest obstacles to groups, is that Naive and young 

young to the start up, try to promote themselves with in the groups. And that becomes hard when your just using the groups as a platform for your own sales. But I think… When groups start to collaborate, I think our reach starts to grow and become more. You know what I mean, does that make sense?
S.I.Hayes: Oh absolutely. I know exactly what you mean. You know, because it’s like I said, I’m not as active as I would like to be, but when I see you know a younger author or whatever, who posted like a link to their work, I’ll take a look at it and if their work sits… Along the lines of my own, you know what I mean, because anybody who’s into what I write obviously is into like Fantasy, and into Horror, laced with soap opera drama and lots of sex,
Eri: Right, right…
S.I. Hayes: Cuz that’s Awakenings, and the fantasy that’s In Dreams. So if their writing is along those lines, then my fans. Those that I have will probably going to be into it. So I’ll share a like. But I’m going to be honest, if you write YA, you know… teen drama, I’m probably not going to share your work, because my readers aren't going to be interested in it.
Eri: Right
S.I. Hayes: You know, but, I mean Cuz their just going to look and be like oh whatever and just keep going. Unless it’s got a hook, if it’s got something where I wanna to read it, I’m gonna promote it.
Eri: Right.
S.I.Hayes: And I’m not asking for a promotion in return, it’s just this look s kind of cool, you know what, Hey Guys look what I found! Come read this! You know here’s, here’s a link to a preview or whatever. You know yeah, I’ll do it. I mean how the *explicative delete* else do people find books anyhow other than word of mouth.
Eri: Exactly.. Um….
S.I.Hayes: If you don’t have word of mouth, you just have you know, words on the page that only you read and while that can be fun it can kind of boring.
Eri: Exactly, I-I’m always intrigued by that, because… I think we owe it to our selves, and not just as Indy Authors, or self published or a represented author from any publication. I think we owe it as a whole to authors to be able to give a, a reach out or a helping hand, even if it’s piece of advice to our fellow authors. Because I think when we all start out we’re very discouraged by different things, I mean we can, I think the misguided thought here is that… (Sorry I just bumped my thing.) I think like the misguided thought here, a lot of times is we’ll have you know friends and family read it and they’ll like it. And So we have this illusion that our read is going to be popular with in a lot of things. So, And when we get this first ill review, I think that is when we need the support of our fellow authors. Because, your work is more than just words on the paper, I mean it’s, it’s almost child, in a sense. It’s something you created, so personally we get really attached to that. Can you tell me perhaps a time that a review has affected you and how you were able to work through it or did you happen to have an author that helped motivate you as well?
S.I. Hayes: Well motivationally (laughing) you- I mean-
Eri: (Laughing)Well thank you.
S.I. Hayes: (Still laughing) We’re being honest here, you, you've helped motivate me… On days when I don’t want to write. And then you and I will have a conversation, and you’ll get me going and I’ll be like… You’re gonna probably have to bleep this but, I’ll be like *explicative delete* *explicative delete* I have to write.. (laughing)
Eri: (Laughing) Yeah I might have to bleep that a little. Yeah
S.I. Hayes: Yeah, just go Bleep! Bleep! Explicative delete… you know. And I’ll sit there and be like, Okay, erase, erase, erase, move this, cut this, copy this .put this over here I’ll use it later. You know and I’ll get some work done, because you got me talking about it. You know. As far as friends and family like reading my work, and telling me this or telling me that…. I have not… let… immediate family… Read my work.
Eri: Oh, right, well that’s amazing, I think that usually that’s –
S.I. Hayes: because-I –
Eri: No… Go ahead.
S.I. Hayes: I write… Not… what they want to read. So I’m not going to ask somebody who isn't going to enjoy the story to read the story. You know. I mean I sent a copy of In Dreams and a copy of Awakenings to my brother and my Sister-in -Law in North Carolina, and I’m sure I’m going to hear something at some point from them on it, hopefully it’ll just be something my brother telling me he passed out my business cards and made all the guys in his unit buy my books.
Eri: Right.
S.I. Hayes: So You know.. That’s about as far as I expect it to go… Will praise from family do anything for me? No! Because it’s family, even if they hate it they’re going to tell me they loved it.
Eri: Yes, Yes.
S.I. Hayes: And as far as reviews, you know knock on wood. I have not had a bad review yet.
Eri: That’s Awesome
S.I.Hayes: The closest I came was someone who actually I was gonna pay to do a review. And it was on, it was based on an early upload of my work, and when she downloaded the work, I believe in Oxford, Commas, and I write, I tend to write the way my characters talk, so I have characters who don’t breathe, so run on sentences occur.
Eri: (giggle) Right
S.I.Hayes: And… She actually refunded me my money because she would not review the work, because she was distracted by the run-on sentences.
Eri: Oh.. Well.
S.I. Hayes: And I turned around and instead of getting discouraged I *explicative delete* rode her until she gave me.. The beep
Eri: Yeah another beep there. (laugh)
S.I. Hayes: Until she gave me, back my money. Because she said, she was going to refund my money. And Uh.. I didn't  I no longer mention who she is and I won’t mention who she is, she knows who she is. Okay… And I won’t recommend her services because she spent so much time being the editor that she claims that she is, as opposed to reading the work for what it is which is the story. I mean if she didn't like my writing style that’s fine, that’s why I’m an independent author, it’s why I am independently published, because I will not let someone dictate to me how my work is going to be written. You know, am I a grammar Nazi? Abso-frickin-lutely, for myself…I don’t go after other people, because.. I mean there are authors out there who, English is not their first language, but they’re writing their books are in English, so I mean things are gonna be a little…….. Twisted.
Eri: Right, right. Yeah, mhmm.
S.I. Hayes: But when you now that, then you have no right to comment on it.
Eri: When you talk about twisted, you make me perk my head up, Huh, we talking about me. (Laughing)
S.I. Hayes: (Joining in the laughter) Stop, hang on I know this is supposed to be about me, not about you, but your work. Your work is just so gosh darn interesting, you know what I mean, You do have a way that you write that’s different from a lot of other people, but anyone whose had a conversation with you will also understand that it’s sort of the way you talk anyhow.
Eri: (Erupts in laughter) Yes, yeah.
S.I Hayes: And I mean , and it’s not meant badly, but the thing is after first three paragraphs you don’t notice it anymore.
Eri: Right
S.I. Hayes: You know and your work, your work is good, it’s fast paced, it moves, each section, part of your series tend to jump on top of the next one., they compound, they build, they’re fast paced, and they’re quick, easy reads. You know at the same time, the stories are they’re adult, they’re involved.
Eri: Verging on Erotica (Still Laughing)
S.I.Hayes: They definitely have, have a, have a, a flame factor which is awesome, I mean I write that way myself when I write with my CO. – Author So it’s something that I appreciate. You know being able to have these conversations with you or any other author is an awesome thing. As far as reviews If I get, If it happens and I get a bad review not everybody is going to like what they read. I love, Stephen King… In… some form… I can’t read his work I can’t get through it… It hurts… me to read it… I own Stephen King Books based on films that I like. Because you know, I try to read them. Usually books are better than films, but King is somebody whose film is better than book. You know and usually he has a hand in the screenplay. So you know it works for me. But if I ever end up with a bad review, it’s going to be because they genuinely didn't care for the story-line. Okay, it’s not there thing it’s not going to dishearten me, because

because the fact of the matter is that I have a lot more books that need to be finished being written, and.. not everybody is going to like the work so *blows raspberry*
Eri: Well sometimes, a negative can be a positive. I mean let’s face it, there are thousands of books out there I mean and thousands is probably (laugh) a low number so to be picked up even if you are not someone’s particular flavor, it, is an incredible honor. And-
S.I.Hayes: Just to have- to know, they read it.
Eri: Yes- to even be picked up
S.I.Hayes: Just to know that somebody read it, be glad they read it, whether they liked it or not.
Eri: Yes
S.I.Hayes: The fact of the matter is, yeah you know your right, like a one star review, like… if it’s an honest review, is cool. You know, I mean I think if I got a review that was one star and the answer was “Awful, just simply awful.” I would like want that person’s e-mail address.
(Mutual laugh)
S.I.Hayes: I mean I would be like what about it was awful. Cuz I know it wasn't all bad.
I have to be honest with you when it comes to reviews a lot of the times I miss what’s being said about my work, unless someone tells me there’s a review up. That’s just because….I- Not that I’m distancing myself from readers, because I mean reviews are awesome. But I like the interaction that get from an actual e-mail reader via E-mail, to me that those mean a lot more, maybe not as much as publicizing my work, which is something that I should work harder at. For me it’s always been easier to publicize somebody else than myself. But that’s just my own personal stand point, in the same respect, this is one of the reasons I reached for your work. Because I personally- now don’t get me wrong, because I’ve reached for a lot of authors of different genres basically because I've interacted with those authors. And to me that is what intrigues me, when I start to have a conversation with an author I want to reach for their work to see what, what they’re about as comes to their creativity side. So for you, what intrigued me was your, your stand on writing, and how you are different, and I -I love that, I love authors that are out of the norm that are out of um.. Ahh the same rigid stature. I mean because there are, there are many authors who will write what is in season or popular. I like something that is totally different, which I've always been impressed that your work has given, and based on that, can you tell us perhaps something that is coming up new for you and your work?
S.I. Hayes: Well, Umm . (chuckles).. Sequels are imminent for both In Dreams and Awakenings, Will and I are about… half way through a reboot of what will be Awakenings squeal which is called Rapture, which follows the main characters of Awakenings um the Wrath Clan, from New Orleans which is where the first book ends to actually Greenwich Connecticut, which is something that I’m a little more familiar with, because I grew up-I live in Connecticut, so Greenwich is a little more money than I you know presently or may ever have, but my characters are also so old that they would be loaded so it makes sense that they would buy a castle and move to Connecticut, so it’s gonna build upon the relationships between the characters in the clan, for anybody who hasn't read Awakenings and is interested Awakenings it’s self is about a mixed group of Immortals, Nicholas Saxon-De’ Cartier who is a Vampire, his son who is also a Vampire, Erik, Lyndsay who is a Werecat and actually Queen her entire Werecat Nation, uh, Miguel who is a Werewolf, and the other main character is Cynthia O'Connor who is a human that gets brought into the group and then tuned into a Vampire, and the insanity that ensues by putting them all under the same roof. It’s like you know Big Brother meets the Real world.. Immortal Style, I don’t know how else to say it. Um, and Rapture is just going to begin to build upon that and the dangers of being Immortal and trying to live in a human world without you know trying to date 18 year old girls. And uh, so we’re building on that, building on characters who were intriguing in the first book but didn't get a lot of screen time so to speak, there’s are new conflicts that are arising and we’re just trying to just mash it all out, and deal with the fact that sometimes the most dangerous things can happen under your own roof. I won’t get into those things, because why am I going to tell you, you have to read the book.
(Both Laugh)
S.I. Hayes: So I’m working on that. As for In Dreams I've actually really stopped with the squeal for it, because I want to do the prequel, which is The Solitary Road, and that is going to take Amara, my spell caster and give you an idea of what her year in exile was like, I mean she spends the year wandering around, and she’s by herself and I want to show how she grows, and the world its self. You know what’s it’s like in the Braithorian Mountains where it’s all ice and snow. And what Racine Etoile is like which is actually a gemstone forest, all the trees are petrified to the point that they are precious and semi-precious stone. You know and to build on these worlds, to build the worlds that are accessible you know to my readers. And what it’s like to deal with the Raepuaw  who are feline hybrids. It’s just something that I did in back story that I decided needed it’s own story. So that’s what it is, it’s going to be the world living and breathing for my readers.
Eri: Well that’s awesome, and I honestly think that anyone who reaches for your book is going to be wrapped in an amazing world of color and in visionary that they’ll get from every word that they take from the page. I want to take a moment and I want to thank you Shannon, anyone who’s listening, like I said I will have Shannon’s links below, Shannon is , Shannon Hayes, S. I. Hayes if your looking for her on Amazon, Smashwords, her own site, even if you put S.I.Hayes into your Google search you will find her, I do.
( S.I Hayes Laughing) I’m googleable
I’m sorry?
I’m fully Googleable.
Yes, you’re googleable. (chuckle) That you are. She is a Talent and I would really urge you as a reader whether you be an author or just a regular reader to reach for her work, because I honestly think that you would not be disappointed. Thank you so much Shannon for taking the time to be with us today and is there anything else that you would like to leave as a final thought for our listeners?
Um a final thought for my listeners , I don’t know, come check out my website. If you think that, I’m interesting to banter back and forth with.. Don’t hesitate to communicate with me, I will have a conversation with anybody who wants to talk to me, including myself! I’m available on @S.I.Hayes/author and I’m available at my own website which will be available in the links, but if you can catch the way I speak fast enough, it’s straight across one word. And you’ll be able to contact me- well all over the place, I like buttons, just start clicking the buttons. You’ll waste a few hours of your day and hopefully you know learn something new. Other than that, Eri for you know having me here, it was an honor to be your first Pod Cast.
Eri: The honor was mine. The honor was mine.
S.I. Hayes: I hope we can do something again in the future.
Eri: Okay, well thank you so much , I’m looking forward to, I’m hoping to have these Pod casts each month. If you don’t see a pod cast, I’m hoping to have open conversations about maybe different kinds of Q&A. I’m looking for very, very talkative authors about a lot of issues. We’re going to have a pleasant, hopefully forum for a lot of issues and a lot of concerns and opening up a venue between authors and readers and discover a lot of different ways that perhaps we can under take our work in the future. I wanna thank everybody for listening I hope you all have a wonderful day, and please tune in next time.

I would like to thank Eri for letting me share this with all of you. It was a pleasure working with her, and I hope to do so more int he furture. 

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Thanks for Joining Us! Remember dear reader of the wee hours if you have enjoyed this or anything else you have found here give us a like, a share or leave a comment! We love to hear from you! And by We I mean me and the voices that write the books!
Oh and the cats.... Always the Cats....
Cheers! And Happy Reading!