Saturday, February 9, 2013

When the story take on a mind of its own. Also known as Ahhh! too much in the head and not enough time!!

             Ever sit down to work on a piece of your fiction with a definitive Beginning...Middle...and End in place? It is a rarity, I know, but it does sometimes happen. So I have the whole of the work all nice and neat in my head and have been banging out the pages on and off for the past couple months, admittedly more off than on, but it is there. More or less, in this case more, rather than less.

               I started this venture telling myself that it was going to be a short story. Just a little companion Prequel to my Debut Novel, In Dreams The Road  Unavoidable.                                          

.          .
          Shameless plug, but hey that's what buttons are there for...Right? I planned on running its debut as a freebie to anyone who purchases the first novel during its release time. Good idea, no? I figure it'll bolster sales, and help me get some more traffic, Win:Win.

             Any how, back to my tangent. So I've got a solid story line down, show the reader where my Heroine came from, what made her the annoying little bitch she is. I say that with all the love in my twisted little heart. She has a rich back story, and I wanted to explore it for my readers. Any and everything that I write, every character I have ever created, has a reason, rhyme and method to their madness, or lack there of for some. Not every character can be epic, if they all were, then it would get rather boring after awhile, not only for my readers, but also for me!!

             But Amara? She was created for this purpose, to make you question why? Who? When did she get so... Jaded. Over 17,000 words in and I'm not at my half way point yet. I actually stopped working, to write this in hopes that it will help me to figure out what happens when the works take on a life of its own. I've gone off the rails (insert Ozzy reference) in some places, and now I have to reign it all in or I'll never make my personal deadline, three weeks from now. She has places to see, people to bond with, and a year of time to fill. In novel form there would be lots of fun and bantry dialogue, my usual flourishing of description, and heavy character development. I am slamming my head trying to figure out how I used to be able to bang out whole tales in just 10 or 12 pages back in High School. Then I remember that I always wrote double what the teacher designated as the minimum and I start smacking my head again. I wish I had taken better care of those old works, maybe they could remind me of how I did it....
Published on July 22, 2012​

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