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#WROTM Video Book Tour and Interview With Jean Brown Author of The Faulkner's Curse Series

#WROTM Video Book Tours

          This is the newest venture of Non-Traditional Dark Primal Paranormal Fantasy Author +Eri Nelson the Creator of Supporting Authors One Read At A Time, a group on Facebook where Indy Authors gather to support each other through communication, Read 2 Review and more.

          In 2011 she ran wicked with Wonderful Reads Of The Month Magazine, which highlighted Authors who wanted to connect to readers, other authors and build their platform through sharing and cross promotional collaborations. These Video Book Tours set to run once a month, with one to two Authors Highlighted each month are hoped to be something new that we hope you will look forward to, so subscribe now and never miss a beat! And be Sure to TURN up Your Sound!! As I am Joined by The Second Author in this Tour, Jean Brown:

        How was your experience creating your video for the #WROTM‘s First Video Book Tour?

Jean: It was fun and educational for me as it was my first video for a book tour. I was a little nervous about making a video due to my raspy voice but I used Eri’s video as an example to go by. I really enjoyed it and truly appreciate you and Eri for giving me this opportunity and all your time and work you put into supporting your fellow authors.

           I understand that the writing of your first book in The Faulkner’s Curse Series Black Days, was one you were driven to by a personal experience. Do you consciously collect people and events that touch you for later use, or is more of an unconscious remembering later on?

Jean: I never plan on collecting people or events for my book ideas, but sometimes in life, we meet amazing people who have endured substantial losses or gains and survived with such healthy outlooks. Such people touch my heart with their dedication which gives me ideas for my characterization. Sometimes I don’t realize I’m doing this. I’ll be writing about a character and think, “Hey, that reminds me of…”

            In other interviews you have made mention, that your father was a Great Teller of Tales, often on the fly, do you remember any one “afternoon special” that really stuck with you? Have you continued the tradition with your own children?

Jean: My father often told stories to modify my curious behavior. I had a tendency to wander off into the woods near our home with my dogs, so my father told me many different stories about little girls who went missing in the woods. One of the stories that stuck with me was the story of a path that lead through the woods that no one brave enough to enter would ever return. His descriptive tale of the path captivated me to no ends. He made the pathway sound so intriguing yet so inevitably dark. In the Faulkner’s Curse series, I really enjoy the part about the path that leads from one house to the other in the deep woods at Durga Lake.
            I did share many stories of my father’s imagination with my children, but I didn’t want to scare them, so I tuned it down a couple of notches. When Jordan and Asia, my children, were younger, they both loved to write stories. Asia entered almost every writing contest she knew of, and I’m proud to say she placed first prize for three years in a row in her school. She still writes occasionally, but I hope it’s something she will make time for throughout her college years and adult life.

           Well if she ever needs a Review... <Cheezy Grin>You have stated that your “main focus is to create memorable characters.” How have you striven to accomplish this?

Jean: For me personally, I love memorable characters. I enjoy any genre as long as I connect to the characters. I’ve attempted to create my characters that are flawed, arrogant, or low self-esteem and put them in a situation that makes their actions unique but keeps them with a down to earth quality. I don’t remember many plots in novels I read twenty years ago, but if I connected with the character, I can remember what their fears and passions were.

           I have noticed that when it comes to those who have no voices of their own, that you have taken time and many resources as an animal activist with a focus on rescuing and homing adoptable animals. I'm sure that it can be both satisfying and heartbreaking at times. Can you tell us any one particular instance that has really stuck with you? For better or worse?

Jean: I think the euthanasia of Lennox, the dog in Northern Ireland that looked similar to a pit bull but was a bull terrier, has really stuck with me. Lennox was a gentle loving dog that never harmed anyone or showed any aggression and was taken from his family by the BSL, Breed Specific Legislation, and killed just because some thought he looked like a pit-bull. The entire world was at an outcry with millions of people willing to adopt him but was refused by the BSL. I see this often now as responsible pet owners lose their pets for no reason. The BSL wants to band any breed that they deem aggressive including Shepherds and Rottweilers. As a dog lover my entire life, I have rescued and adopted these breeds, and I can assure you that they are not innately dangerous. Human cruelty is usually the cause of aggressive behavior in dogs.

         I absolutely understand I am the happy owner of a Pit Bull mix. I’ve always said that it’s the loyalty of a dog that ultimately knows no bounds, and this loyalty will make them do what they are pushed to do. For good or bad. Personally I’ve have always found that it is the smaller breeds that are most aggressive, but they are laughed at due to their size. But if a Rottie, Pit or a Doberman so much as stares at the wrong person too long they are muzzled. It’s sad. But I believe that old adage, There are no bad dogs, only bad owners...

Jean: Shannon, I would like to thank you for all your work you put into supporting authors. Writing is very time consuming and I think it is wonderful that you take time to help other authors. You rock!

Well you are most welcome Jean, I look forward to hosting you again for the 131 Preview Review of Black Days.  And to you my readers, don't miss the chance to check out Jean's works fro yourself in the links below!

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