Friday, November 13, 2015

#AuthorRT #Booktrope @shannonihayes This tipsy turvey world... or What I've been up too the last few months!

New and exciting venues on the horizon.

        It's been a while since I've written anything here. And as usual I'm writing well after supper time. It's my time to really just chill out and do nothing. I've been a busy beaver, writing and doing cover work for some authors. I even did a re-write for a guy where English really was not his first language. It was  trying but when I was done it was a satisfaction I haven't had in a while. I've expanded the Fresh Eyes Edit to include Createspace and Kindle Formatting. That's been interesting...

            So what else have I been up to? Hmm you ask.. or maybe you don't give a crap, but if you're still reading than good on you, you're a fan... I LIKE YOU. You can stay... 

              I tried to quit smoking.... Ample word there is tried.  I'm allergic to adhesive so patches are out, vape and e -cigs are too expensive, and the gums and lozenges  actually bun my mouth, so I had to try and go cold turkey. I went three days. In three days I slept a total of 12 hours, burned through 24 blowpops in the 1st 12hrs and went to migraine city since it aggravated the TMJ. JOY... I got hives and was sick as a dog... ANd wanted to stab my brother in the face with a carving knife.... Apparently I am actually totally addicted to nicotine. DOUBLE JOY!!  Needless to say I bought a pack of my cigarillos....

                 So what can I do? I have to cut back gradually over time. I'm down from 20 a day to 5-6. I tried going to three but the itching came right back. I'm just going to reduce a little a ta time. I hope to be smoke free by New Years. 

                                                        What else have I been doing? WELL........

             I'm about to embark on the release of my 5th solo Independent Novel. Heart of Stone comes out on November 27th!! It's a Contemporary Romance, a new venue for me, but so far it's getting a good response from the BETA's and hopefully the ARC reviewers will be kind. I'm doing a blog tour November 23rd thru Dec. 4th for that, so keep your eyes open for the schedule.

             About four months ago I sent my manuscript for California Moon to a publisher. They said their turn around was 10-12 weeks for a response.  12 weeks came and went and I moved on toward Indy publishing. Just as I was to set my release date I get the e-mail...


             I about fell out of my chair. I didn't expect it. I did it on a fluke, figuring why the hell not. What's the worse that could happen? They'd say yes and I would have an actual publisher as opposed to me doing all the work alone. Bloody Hell they said YES...

               It's gonna be work, having to listen to an editor, and other people telling me what to do, but I figure anything I learn from them as to this crazy world of marketing and publishing is an awesome opportunity. So I'm gonna take the ball, cradle it in the tuck of my arm and run for the line!

               How's my mental health doing during this time?? 
Pretty good actually. I'm sleeping better. that is to say I'm keeping on a schedule of sorts, no matter what time I go down I make sure I'm up by 8-830am. Regulation is key to keeping my mania at bay. The new cocktail seems to be doing it's job. Which is very good news. 

               Creatively I've started back on my horror/suspense/paranormal.  Chasing Shadows, and I'm doing things for California Moon.  I'll be doing a posting for my dream cast of California Moon. It's got a fairly long list of characters, so it will be spread out over a few weeks. I'm not a daily blogger, but I figure 2 a week, should be fun. Actor pic and some interesting facts about the characters. Tidbits not necessarily from the book. So do subscribe to my blog if you haven't already to keep up or at least follow me on G+

            We're posting for Friday the 13th, just realized it  it's a great day to go on out and adopt a shelter animal, maybe a black cat, as they are the hardest to adopt. But they have the most love to give. Don't be superstitious, they actually bring luck to you, if they love you!! 

Go on and save a life today!



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