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California Moon Dream Cast Part One

Danny Johnston

Ellinore Erichsen Model click her name to follow on Instagram. 
     Danny Johnston  is a young bounty hunter, who for three years to hone her craft has effectively lived and loved as a man. In pursuit of a lead to her families killers Danny is thrown from her horse and attacked by something she can not identify.

   Jake Dorsey is the man who finds her horse. Aware of her name and reputation as a Bounty Hunter, he is awestruck. A complicated situation becomes more so as the secrets compound. Jake believes Danny to be a man, while Danny believes Jake to be a Human. Neither of which will soon prove to be the truth. Starting an affair which will leave Danny with a hard choice. Can she forgo her vengeance for love or will she choose to keep her blood oaths?

Born Danielle Johnston, Danny is one of the main characters in California Moon.<-follow the link to a chapter preview) I've chosen supermodel Ellinore Erichsen for her androgynous features and startling blue eyes. Danny's Stats:

Name: Danielle (Danny) Johnston
Species: Human in beginning of book. 
Nationality: Irish mix
Height: in 5'6
Weight: lbs 125lbs
Hair Color: Bright Red
Hair Length: Shoulders
Hair Style:pushed back under a dirty cowboy hat
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Dress Style/Wardrobe: Baggy men's attire leather or denim pants boots and loose fitting tops.
Favorite things Shot guns, her 2 Colt .45's and a big honkin' knife.
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous 

Temperament: Typically cool and collected.
Outlook on Life: Shoot first, apologize later.

Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Female
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Turn-ons: Curvaceous women with red lips.
Turn-offs: Assholes who think they know it all

Jake (J.D.) Dorsey

Justin Hartley Actor <- click link for website. :) 

Born Jacob Dorsey, J.D. is another one of the main characters in California Moon.<-follow the link to a chapter preview) I've chosen Actor Justin Hartley  because DROOL..No seriously, his height and build are perfect for J.D. who was a one time ranch hand and at he begining of our tale is on his way to California for work. J.D.'s Stats:

Name: Jacob (prefers Jake or J.D.) Dorsey
Species: Werewolf 
Nationality: unknown
Height: in 6'2
Weight: lbs 220lbs
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Hair Length: Just behind the ears
Hair Style:Pushed back under a dirty cowboy hat
Eye Color: Steel Grey/Blue
Dress Style/Wardrobe: Dark denim pants, boots and button down shirts
Favorite things Pretty women and open spaces
Dominant Hand: Right 

Temperament: Easy going and loyal.
Outlook on Life: One step at a time

Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Turn-ons: A nice smile, a playful attitude and long legs 
Turn-offs: Men

These are the first teo you encounter in my little diddy of a post-apocalyptic US of A. Keep your eyes open for the rest of the cast. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay Up2Date on when California Moon hits shelves!! 



         Well haven't I got myself into a pickle. Here I am sittin' on the shitter, trying to avoid the girl good ol' J.D. set me up with. Thinks he's doin' me a solid. But all he's managed to do was put me in a heapin' pile of awkward. She's not my type, at all. I'd much rather have the plump brunette who's fawnin' on the British fellow J.D.'s playing cards with. I think I'll have to play if I want her attention. I can handle her better than that upper crust mix-n-match any day. With or without a dick. Never stopped me before. The place is a lot cleaner than I thought it would be. Hardly any piss on the floor. And it's a progressive outpost. The toilets are unisex, so I didn't have to deal with the awkwardness of men who think a guy using a stall is for pussies. I learned to squat forward a long time ago, it looks like you're pissin' standin' so no one thinks twice when they see the feet. It's a handy trick.
         “Hey Danny you still in here?” J.D.'s voice slurs through the room, then he starts bangin' on the stall doors. “C'mon, little brother.” He's started callin' me that after his third bourbon. “Did ya fall in?”
         Guess I can't hide in here all night. Off I go.
        Opening the stall door led to J.D.'s landin' on me. I spun sideways fast as he reached out to me to steady his fall, grabbin' hold of my shoulder and the wall. Great he's fallin' down drunk now. Figures I'd fall in with one that can't hold his liquor. Guess I'm gonna have to carry his ass up to that room of his. Talk about a sobering experience. “Okay, come on, let's get you out of here.”
        “You know you're a good guy. Brave, and stuff.” J.D. slurred wrappin' his arm 'round my shoulders. As we came out of the toilet, the English guy and the girls laughed seein' me struggle. What did they expect? He was dead weight, and twice my size. Then my savior came. That busty brunette I had been lookin' at all night.
       “Your friend is going to lose his money tonight. His girl has moved along, which means he loses his room too. It’s part of the house rules if he can't perform he forfeits.”  She grabbed J.D.'s other arm. 
        “It's fine, what about you, I'll pay for the both of us whatever you want tonight just to get him a bed.” Was I really gonna break the bank for this stranger? Seemed so.
          “I think we can work somethin' out sweetie.” She smiled sweet. She smelled of soap, with dark red lips and nice teeth. I was enamored immediately.
            Her room was only just at the top of the stairs, thankfully. Paneled oak walls, and dark red sheer curtains cover the large windows. The bed looked sturdy as we flopped him on to the thick quilted mattress. While she went to fill a bath I started to pull off his boots.
He sat up as I got the first off and grabbed me by the face as he did the previous night. He rubbed his hand down my cheek.
            “You know.” He slurred. “You are awfully pretty for a man. And your skin... Why's it so smooth?” He leaned against me, rubbing his bearded chin on my cheek.
              “Jake? You're really drunk, and hittin' on me... Ain't gettin' you nowhere quick.” I tried to pull away, but he held me fast and tight. He kissed me on the mouth and I froze. Keeping my lips closed. But he insisted and next thing I knew his tongue went into my mouth. Then just as I got into it, he fell backward with a snore. I stood up, wipin' at my mouth and turned to see the woman who helped me with J.D.
             “I was wondering about you two. Does he even know?” She asked leaning into the doorway of the bathroom.
              “What's there to know? He's just drunk.” I laughed, starin' at him on the bed.
              “Come on sweetie, I'm not blind. There's not a shadow of hair on that pretty little chin of yours." She grabbed my wrist and began to unbutton my shirt. I tried to protest but she started to kiss my neck and I was a goner.  She pulled me into the bathroom shuttin' the door behind us. 
~California Moon~ Copyright 2014 S.I.Hayes

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